Personnel at IGV
Crill, Patrick
Professor, Biogeochemistry
Head of Geochemistry PhD program
Email: patrick.crill[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 47 40
Room: R333
About Me

I am Professor of Biogeochemistry and I serve as the Deputy Head of Department, Director of the Geochemistry program and Director of the SU Delta Facility for Compound Specific Isotope Analysis. I have broad academic and research interests mostly concerning biological mediation of element cycles in an effort to understand local, or even molecular, scale processes and their impact on planetary systems.

I have focused on trace gases and atmosphere/biosphere exchange particularly of CH4, CO2 and N2O and impacts of climatic change and landscape scale processes (such as thawing permafrost or forestry) on the biogeochemistry sequestration, formation and exchange of carbon with soils, peat, lacustrine and marine environments. I also have research interests in urban metabolism and the biogeochemistry of CH3Br, CH3Cl and other methyl halogens.  We collaborate with a broad range of experts from different disciplines from many different countries.

My research informs my teaching and vice versa.



Department of Geological Sciences
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