Personnel at IGV
Brüchert, Volker
Senior Lecturer, Biogeochemistry
Director of studies, MSc program
Email: volker.bruchert[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 47 55
Room: R307
About Me

In a nutshell my research is concerned with the microbial controls of the major element cycles in the ocean. I study carbon transformation and nutrient cycling processes in the marine water column and sediment using a broad range of analytical methods in organic and inorganic chemistry, molecular biology, as well as stable and radiogenic isotopes. For over thirteen years I have worked in the Benguela upwelling system off southwestern Africa – a treasure for studying the coupled carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles. My other research focus is the marine Arctic. I study carbon mineralization processes and microbial community composition in the Arctic and their response to climate-scale temperature changes. More locally, I work on methane cycling in the Baltic Sea and study the relationships between cyanobacterial blooms and sediment nitrogen and phosphorus cycling processes. My research requires me to spend several weeks at sea every year – something I enjoy very much. Most of my work is conducted through national and international collaborations.
My research feeds directly into my teaching at the department where I teach the introductory course Geochemistry I and the field/laboratory course Geochemical Field Methods. I also serve as the study director for the M.Sc. program and am substitute in the department board.



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