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Steinthorsdottir, Margret
Post-doctoral researcher
Email: margret.steinthorsdottir[at]
Phone: +46 (08) 16 47 24
Swedish Museum of Natural History
affiliated with IGV
About Me

Margret has obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geology from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), as well as a PhD degree in Biology and Environmental Science from UCD (Dublin, Ireland). Margret’s research is focused on using proxies to reconstruct palaeo-environments, by bringing together evidence from across the geological and biological disciplines, to recreate the most likely scenarios for past events. Main research interests include palaeo-climates/atmospheres, palaeobotany and plant physiology, palaeontology and mass extinction events.
The specific objective of Margret’s ongoing research is to develop high-resolution records of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations across geological boundary sections, recording climate change. To this end, stomatal frequency of fossil and sub-fossil plant leaves is applied as proxy for palaeo-atmospheric CO2 concentrations, since stomatal frequency is inversely related to atmospheric CO2 concentration. Atmospheric CO2 is the main driver of climate change and it is important to understand the relationship between CO2 and global environmental change. In addition, changes in size as well as frequency of fossil plant stomata are utilized in numerical models, based on modern plant physiology, to reconstruct transpiration rates of the fossil vegetation. Leaf and canopy transpiration of terrestrial vegetation is a major component of the Earth’s biogeochemical cycles and has a significant influence on how climate change affects the biosphere. Margret’s overall research aim is thus to reconstruct the pace and consequences of CO2 driven climate change in the past.


Department of Geological Sciences
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