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Sturm, Christophe
Senior Lecturer, Biogeochemical modeling
Email: christophe.sturm[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 47 23
Room: R331
About Me

My primary research interest is paleoclimate modelling with special focus on stable water isotopes. The purpose of using REMOiso, a regional climate model with embedded H218O and HDO tracers, is to understand the impact of atmospheric circulation on the isotopic composition of precipitation. Hence the isotopic signal in terrestrial climate archives (e.g. 18O in ice-cores, lake sediments, tree-rings) can be used to reconstruct past atmospheric circulation patterns. Current study areas include the North Atlantic sector (and reconstruction of past NAO) and the South-East Asian monsoon region.
I am involved in teaching at undergraduate and master level, mainly on aspects of physical climatology, global geochemical cycles and numerical modelling tools. I am also serving as the departmental ERASMUS coordinator for incoming and outgoing international students.

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