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Sjöström, Jenny
PhD student
Email: jenny.sjostrom[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 47 58
Room: R240
Supervisor: Malin Kylander
About Me

Reconstruction of Mineral Dust Deposition using Peatland Archives
Mineral dusts play a complex role in the climate system, being both function of, as well as a factor effecting climate. Quantification of these processes is challenging and an increasing number of paleo-dust studies are required. To date, paleo-dust studies have mainly used marine sediment and polar ice cores, while terrestrial data has until recently relied on loess deposits. A majority of dust reconstruction studies have been performed focusing on arid regions whereas the temperate higher latitudes have been overlooked. To date, only one record of terrestrial dust deposition in Scandinavia exists (Store Mosse). The sources of the dust in this record is however unknown. Within this project I will be reconstructing past dust deposition fluxes from peat bogs in southern Sweden, with the aim identify source areas of the dust and to increase the number of dust records from Sweden. Established and novel methods will be applied during this project, namely grain size analysis, minerology, geochemistry, humification and macrofossil analysis.

My main supervisor during this project is Malin Kylander (Dept. of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University). Co-supervisors are Magnus Mörth (Dept. of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University). and Richard Bindler (Dept. of Ecology and  Environmental Sciences, Umeå University).

Department of Geological Sciences
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