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Greenwood, Sarah
Research scientist
Email: sarah.greenwood[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 674 75 96
Room: R219
About Me

Continental scale ice sheets are critical components of the Earth's climate system but comprehensive understanding of how they operate is inhibited by their long timescales for evolution relative to scientific monitoring, and the inaccessibility of contemporary ice sheet beds. Palaeo-ice sheet records can help to remedy these limitations since they may comprise signatures of full glacial cycles (a more appropriate temporal scale), and reveal direct imprints of ice-bed coupling through the glacial geomorphological record.

The focus of my research is on using the landforms sculpted by (past) ice sheets to understand ice sheet behaviour, reconstruct palaeo-ice sheet geometries and chronologies, better understand the processes which operate in the subglacial system, and how ice sheets respond to and/or drive other components of the Earth system. I use remote mapping techniques based upon satellite imagery and digital surface models from both contemporary marine and terrestrial environments. Key research areas include Arctic & Antarctic glacial geomorphological signatures; mega-scale subglacial bedforms in northern Canada; and reconstruction of the Late Weichselian British-Irish Ice Sheet.


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