Personnel at IGV
Coxall, Helen
Senior Lecturer, Marine micropaleontology
Email: helen.coxall[at]
Phone: +46 (0)8 674 78 58
Room: R233
About Me

Helen is interested in the responses of marine systems to climate and environmental change with a focus on extreme events in the last 65 million years when Earth’s climate system was developing to its modern state. To do this she uses geological data from marine sediment cores, aiming to document changes in parameters such as ocean temperature, ice volume, ocean productivity and marine plankton biodiversity using a variety of geological and micropaleontological indicator techniques. She is an expert on living and fossilized foraminifera, microscopic shell-building marine organisms that are abundant in deep-sea sediments. These fossils provide vital information about conditions in the surface layers of the ocean, which are in contact with the atmosphere (planktonic foraminifera), and the deep ocean (benthic foraminifera), recording trends in global ocean circulation.


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