Gästseminarier arkiv

Temporal evolution of mechanisms controlling ocean carbon uptake during the last glacial cycle
The Internet-Connected Ocean
Brøgger seminar by Louise Sime
Brøgger seminar by Alan Mix
Seminar by Charles Cockell Astrobiology,School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
Seminar by Dr. Jens Kallmeyer Geomicrobiology Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre For Geosciences
IGV Brøgger seminar series
IGV Brøgger seminar series
IGV Brøgger seminar series
Dr. Jo Hellawell will give a talk about her present work as an editor for the journal Nature Communications
IGV Brøgger seminar series
Extreme weather events as proxies for climate change: carbon and metals in rivers and lakes of Siberia and European boreal zone
Brøgger seminar by Paul N. Pearson
Brøgger and Bolin symposium – 22nd May
"Electric currents and cable bacteria"
IGV Brøgger seminar series
April 1 – Guest Lecture
Lunch talk by Lisa McNeil on Subduction zones and earthquakes
A physical approach to earthquake prediction
Paleo ENSO from PMIP and IPSL simulations
Chemical analysis of solids by a miniature laser mass spectrometer developed for in situ space exploration
IGV Brøgger seminar series
Bacterial natural transformation by highly fragmented and damaged DNA
The subseafloor crust: a microbial habitat through time (and space?)
The neutralization of atmospheric acidity by rock weathering : large scale approach
Mantle, ocean crust and seawater: where are we, and what's next in scientific ocean drilling?
Aqueous Alteration of Asteroids – Guest seminar
IGV Brøgger seminar series
IGV Brøgger seminar series
Two seminars by Kevin Oliver from Southampton University
Brøgger seminar by Johannes Glodny
Bolin Lecture by Warren M. Washington
Weathering the Snowball: Insights and Implications from Re-Os geochronology
New insight into iron-dependent subsurface biospheres on Earth and other planetary systems
Biomolecules, Hot Water and Minerals: Ingredients for the Origin of Life?
The Life and Times of Serpentinization
Estuarine Conservation and Restoration in the 21st century: Using Stable Isotopes to Turn the Red Dots Green Again
Hyperthermophilic Life on Earth – and on Mars?
The Co-Evolution of the Geosphere and Biosphere
Ironing Out the RNA World
Role of minerals in prebiotic nitrogen fixation
Mineral-induced radicals, coal, health, and blue jeans
Pattern formation in alkaline environments and life detection
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