June 13 – SciLifeLab National Infrastructure Outreach Day

13 juni kl 12.30–16.45,  Vivi Täckholmssalen, NPQ-huset

SciLifeLab organizes a very interesting Outreach Day June 13, where they present the facilities and services, etc offered by SciLifeLab. Since the faculty will soon open a call for new pilot research projects (see below) and will also – in the coming months – ask for suggestions for new SciLifeLab Fellows, the Outreach Day will provide an excellent opportunity to get to know SciLifeLab's possibilities in much greater details.

Please note specifically, that suggestions for new research themes in connections with SciLifeLab are especially welcome from the geo-environment section.

Come and listen to short presentations of the technology and services offered by the national SciLifelab infrastructure facilities. There will be ample opportunities to meet and discuss with representatives for the different facilities during the coffee break, and during the mingle outside the lecture hall between kl 16-16:45.

For more information https://www.scilifelab.se/events/scilifelab-facility-outreach-day-june-13

Sign up for the Outreach Day and find out how your research could profit from SciLifeLab!

In connection with this event, the Science Faculty will also open a call to support small research projects with seed money, in order to stimulate new users and use of new facilities at SciLifelab. That announcement will come latest June 1.

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