March 9 – Seminar "Fossil amphibians and reptiles as a proxy for reconstruction of Cenozoic climate evolution"

Date: Thursday 9 March 2017
Time: 15.15–16.00
Place: Högbomsalen in the Geoscience building

Dr. Vasilyain is from the Jurassica Museum in Switzerland, and is in Stockholm on a Bolin Centre RA6 funded research visit at the Department of Palaeobiology, Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM). Together with his host at NRM, Dr. Thomas Mörs, he is studying Miocene herpetofaunal specimens and interpreting their climatological significance. Below, please se the abstract for his talk.

Due to their physiological pecularities the amphibians and reptiles are extremly useful for the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments and terrestrial ecosystems. Amphibians and reptiles as ectothermic vertebrates are dependent for their metabolic activities on the external heat resources as well as availability of water for buffering fluctation of the body temperature. A method of bioclimatic analysis of the herpetofauna has been developed for the reconstruction of the palaeoprecipitation values. The changes in their faunistic diverstiy and composition in the fossil record can be used for the reconstructions and quantification of both climate and environment of the past. The talk will present several exampled of climatic recontruction from the EOT in Eurasia, Miocene climate of Western Siberia, and climate evolution at the Plio-Pleistocene transision.

If you want to know more about Dr. Vasilyain’s research, here’s his website:

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