News 2016

Acknowledgement of highly cited research to Helen Coxal and Matt O'Regan
IGV and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at AGU 2016
"Ett med naturen" intervju med Otto Hermelin om hans resor till Galapagos
Stockholm University among the top 10 universities that has driven environmental awareness
In Swedish | Lindströmspriset har tilldelats till prof. Risto Kumpulainen
Assar Hadding's Prize in geology to Adjunct Professor Martin Whitehouse
December 7 – Docent Lecture by Matt O'Regan
Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award in the Climate Division to former IGV PhD | EGU – European Geosciences Union
December 9 – Hat puv + Pub Quiz
December 14 – Licenciate Defence by Alexandre Peillod
Nature Communications | Massive remobilization of permafrost carbon during post-glacial warming
Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms: Modern, Quaternary and Ancient, published as a Geological Society – London, Memoir. 20 peer-review chapters are included by IGV authors
IGV congratulate Sarah Greenwood for being selected as a Wallenberg Academic Fellow!
November 28 – Open public lecture at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
SWERUS-C3 Photo Exhibition at Nordenskiöld foyer
December 6 – Licentiate Defence by Ross Kielman
November 15–17 | Bolin Days 2016
Video | En resa som utspelar sig i Östersjöns okända vatten
December 6 – MAX IV Earth/environmental research seminar
Five VR project grants to IGV!
Stockholm University is the 5th most cited university in the world in Arctic Research, according to a new study
New article in Nature Scientific Reports
October 21 – The Earth is turning 6020 years old!
IGV Project has been granted long-term support from SciLifeLab
October 14 – Clifford G. C. Patten dissertation
October 21 – Licenciate Defence by Hagen Bender
October 17 – Lunch Seminar by Jenny Sjöström
Vetandets värld | Mikroorganismerna och växterna på myrar bidrar till utsläpp och upptag av växthusgaser. Men hur?
October 20 – Brøgger seminar by Louise Sime
October 27 – Licenciate Presentation by Natalia Barrientos Macho
In Swedish | Forskarfredag på Medborgarplatsen
In Swedish | Forskardagarna 2016
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Lugnt i Longyearbyen efter storm på havet
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Torsdag med isbjörn och ärtsoppa
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | So you think you can dance?
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Hundra meter sediment!
September 27 – Licentiate Defence by Reuben Hansman
September 14 – Välkommen att fira Geologins dag med oss!
Oktober 6 – Alumndagen
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Isbrytarträff och kräftskiva á la AO16
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Dagens fynd
Sept 02 – The first Geopub of the semester
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Storm och svåra isförhållanden
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Vackert väder över Alpha ridge
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Lyxkryssning eller arktisk forskningsexpedition?
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016 | Carina har nått Nordpolen!
euronews. Polar Research Warms Up
Article in Pan European Networks: Science & Technology by Cynthia de Wit
Blog: Arctic Ocean 2016
New article in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
APECS Polar Meeting in Göteborg 22 September
Arctic Ocean 2016 Swedish-Canadian Expedition
Stockholm University 5th in the world in Environmental Science
BBC report on the need to map the ocean floor
Article: If the Ocean was Transparent – The See-Through Sea
New article in Geophysical Research Letters by Thornton et al.
June 7 – Brøgger seminar by Alan Mix
New article in The Holocene by Wohlfarth et al.
Juni 14 – Inbjudan till seminarium om mentorsprogram
Juni 11 – endagsexkursion till Stora Vika med Svenska Mineralogiska Sällskapet
Congratulations to IGV's master student Jonathan Hamisi for receiving the "2016 Global Swede" award
May 20 – Geopub presents Metamorphic Diamonds
June 2 – Licenciate Defense by Liselott Kutscher
Maj 20 – Kweku Kyei Afrifa Yamoah disputation
June 1 – seminar in english which is for foreign PhDs, post docs, faculty...
New article in Palaeogeography, Palaeo-climatology, Palaeoecology by Margret Steinthorsdottir
Welcome to the 2016 Forum on Natural Disasters! Natural Disasters and climate change: How do they affect individuals and society as a whole?
May 20 – Dissertation by Kweku Kyei Afrifa Yamoah
Team of researchers, led by Ernest Chi Fru, has recently published the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
New article in Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth by Margareta André et al.
April 20 – Dissertation by Francesco Muschitiello
April 29 – Dissertation by Martin Wik
April 20 – Dissertation by Francis Freire
May 3 – Licenciate Defense by Pedro Preto
IAEA water isotope inter-comparison 2016
New article by Brett Thornton in Science Total Environmental
New article in The ISME Journal with Joanna Sawicka and Volker Bruchert as co-authors
April 1 – Geoklubben PubQuiz
New article in Geology: "Partial collapse of the marine carbon pump after the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary" with H. Coxall as co-author
New article "Biased sampling of methane release from northern lakes: A problem for extrapolation" by Martin Wik et al.
Mars 15 – Webbanmälan till höstterminens kurser och program öppnar idag
April 11 – Otto Hermelin berättar om det fantastiska djurliv på Galápagos
April 7 – Utrikespolitiska institutet (UI) i samarbete med Utrikesdepartementet bjuder in till ett seminarium för att uppmärksamma Arktiska rådets 20-årsjubileum
March 10 – Baltic Seminar & Baltic Bar
February 26 – Seminar by Jörn Peckman "The Geomicrobiology of the Messinian Salinity Crisis"
February 29 – Välkomna till informationsträff för geo- och miljövetare! Utbytesstudier Singapore!
March 8 – Licenciate Presentation by Catherine Hirst
March 18 – Welcome to a mini-workshop
Utlysning av utbytesplatser till NTU, Singapore läsåret 2016/17
February 15 – Brøgger seminar by Alexandra Turchyn
February 17 – BG/ATM Seminar – Jesper Sjolte
News & Views in Nature: A great Arctic ice shelf
February 18 – Seminar by Charles Cockell
February 19 – Seminar by Dr. Jens Kallmeyer
SciLifeLab mini-symposium: Ancient Environmental | DNA March 10, 2016
High Methane Emissions Detected During Subartic Lake Melt, article featured on the AGU EOS
New article in Paleoceanography: "Neogene ice volume and ocean temperatures: Insights from infaunal foraminiferal Mg/Ca paleothermometry"
New article in Nature Communications: "Evidence for an ice shelf covering the central Arctic Ocean during the penultimate glaciation" by Jakobsson et al.
January 22 – Burns Night (geopub) for the 10th year
January 25 – Docent Lecture by Helen Coxall
Januari 14 – Master presentation: A 3-dimensional tectonic model of the Naxos metamorphic core complex, Greece
New article "Climate-sensitive northern lakes and ponds are critical components of methane release" by Martin Wik et al.
Januari 13 – Brøgger seminar by Friederike Wagner-Cremer
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