PetroTectonics Analytical Facility

The PetroTectonic Analytical Facilities provide geochemical and isotopic analyses of rocks for a variety of geological applications including petrology, mineralogy, fluid-flow and ore formation. The facility is built around two instruments: 1) a Rigaku Primus II X-ray floresence (XRF) spectrometer, and ii) a laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (LA-ICPMS) system which combines a 193 Excimer laser from New Wave with a ThermoFisher X-series II quadrupole mass spectrometer. The facility was funded by the Knut & Alice Wallenburg Foundation and the Department of Geological Sciences.

The XRF is used for the analysis of major and some trace elements with good reproducibility and precision. The LA-ICPMS system generates trace element analyses (including REEs) to complement the XRF, and also performs U-Pb analyses of detrital zircons and fluid inclusion analyses of silicates. Pb-Pb isotopes in feldspar and trace elements in sulfides are currently under development.

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The Department also provides basic rock and thin-section preparation facilities, fluid inclusion analysis, Atomic Floresence Spectroscope and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Other facilities include high-power Leica petrographic microscopes, a digital camera and imaging software, picking microscopes, a PetroScope and the PetroTectonics Library.


Basic rock and thin-section preparation facilities

Fluid inclusion analysis


Scanning Electron Microscopy


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