PetroTectonics Analytical Facility

The PetroTectonic Analytical Facilities provide geochemical and isotopic analyses of rocks for a variety of geological applications including petrology, mineralogy, fluid-flow and ore formation. The facility is built around two instruments: 1) a Rigaku Primus II X-ray floresence (XRF) spectrometer, and ii) a laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS) system which combines a 193 Excimer laser from New Wave with a ThermoFisher X-series II quadrupole mass spectrometer. The facility was funded by the Knut & Alice Wallenburg Foundation icon for external page and the Department of Geological Sciences.

The XRF is used for the analysis of major and some trace elements with good reproducibility and precision. The LA-ICPMS system generates trace element analyses (including REEs) to complement the XRF, and also performs U-Pb analyses of detrital zircons and fluid inclusion analyses of silicates. Pb-Pb isotopes in feldspar and trace elements in sulfides are currently under development.

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The Department also provides basic rock and thin-section preparation facilities, fluid inclusion analysis, Atomic Floresence Spectroscope and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Other facilities include high-power Leica petrographic microscopes, a digital camera and imaging software, picking microscopes, a PetroScope and the PetroTectonics Library.


Basic rock and thin-section preparation facilities

Fluid inclusion analysis


Scanning Electron Microscopy


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