Master Theses 2017

  Degree Project in Marine Geology 60 hp
An independently dated 4 200-year palaeomagnetic secular record from the Ohukchi Sea,Central Arctic Ocean
Gabriel West

  Degree Project in Geology 45 hp
The Pseudotachylites of Tännforsfältet,Western Jämtland, Swedish Caledonides
Amanda Bergman

  Degree Project in Geology 60 hp
Exploring the source of metals in Archean orogenic gold deposits in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
Nikolaos-Georgios Leventis

  Degree Project in Geology 60 hp
Protolith of a kyanite-bearing, quartz-rich rock in Hålsjöberg, western Sweden
Andreas Sjöqvist

  Degree Project in Geochemistry 60 hp
Weathering in the Torneträsk Region  The Importance of Sulfide Weathering seen through Catchment-scaled Isotope Studies
Johannes West

  Degree Project in Geology 60 hp
Geological and geochemical conditions controlling microbial colonization in igneous oceanic crust; implications for life on Mars
Diana Carlsson



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