Master Theses 2015

  Degree Project in Geology 30 hp
Geologisk undersökning av Vagnhärads kalkbrott och konsekvenser för Ostlänken
Karin Skogli

  Degree Project in Geochemistry 60 hp
Nitrous Oxide in Himmerfjärden: Seasonal Variability in Production Rates and Fluxes
Camilla Olsson

  Degree Project in Geology 60 hp
Remobilization of the Simon lens in the Renström VMS deposit, Skellefte district, Sweden
Felix Makowsky

  Degree Project in Marine Geology 60 hp
Geophysical characterization of fluid flow and hydrocarbon migration features in the SW Loppa High area, Norwegian Barents Sea
Christoffer Bergstrand

  Degree Project in Geology 30 hp
Skarn och skarnmineral i Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu-Au)-gruvorna Garpenberg och Garpenberg Norra:
Mineralkemi och förekomstsätt

Anders Zetterqvist

  Degree Project in Marine Geology 60 hp
Mineralogy and grain size of eolian sediments from the Shatsky Rise, NW Pacific Ocean:
mineralogy as proxy for eolian record comparisons

Therese Granberg

  Degree Project in Geology 45 hp
Deciphering the origin of olivine crystals in alkaline magmas: The Calatrava Volcanic field, Spain
Hedvig Öste

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