Quality control

The standard deviation given below are based on standard measurements collected for the last 10 years. Several internal standards are measured at each run sequence and serves as a quality control for each measurement.

Analysis of Samples Method Stdev +/-
C%, N%, S%, H% Sediment, soil, organic materials Combustion <3%
13C Sediment, soil, organic materials Combustion 0.15‰
15N GFF-filters   0.15‰
34S Sediment, soil, organic materials, prep. samples (BaSO4 etc) Combustion 0.3‰
33S Prep. samples (BaSO4 etc) Combustion 0.3‰
18O Phosphate, Sulfate, organic materials (cellulose) Thermal conversion 0.3‰
2H Organic materials Thermal conversion 0.6‰
18O Water CO2- equilibration 0.2‰
2H Water Reduction with Chromium 0.7‰
2H Water Laser 0.6‰
18O   Absorption 0.1‰
13C Water, DIC DIC Extraction
with acid
13C Water, DOC Wet oxidation with persulfate and heat 0.2‰
13C Carbonate Reaction with acid 0.07‰
18O     0.15‰
13C, 2H Methane GC  
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