Brøgger and Bolin symposium – Orogenesis and climate: Case studies from the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Symposium speakers:

Rachael James Dave Craw Uwe Ring Damon Teagle
Dr. Rachael James
National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK 
Prof. Dave Craw
Otago University, New Zealand 
Prof. Uwe Ring
IGV, Stockholm University 
Prof. Damon Teagle
National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK 
Weathering, ocean chemistry and climate change: New insights from non-traditional metal stable isotopes Tectonic controls on climate, topography and ecology in a collisional mountain belt, New Zealand The rain shadow effect and consequences for mountain building in the Southern Alps Geothermal systems during mountain building; Active processes in the Southern Alps, New Zealand

When? Friday 22 May, 14–16.30
Where? DeGeersalen, Geovetenskapens hus


For more information please contact Iain Pitcairn iain.pitcairn[at]

Co-sponsored by the:
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
A cooperation between Stockholm University, SMHI and KTH 


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