Sensofar “Plu 2300”
Instrument: Profiler
The PLµ 2300 is a versatile noncontact optical profiler equipped with confocal lens but also allowing Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI) and Phase Shift Interferometry (PSI).

The extremely high light efficiency of the hardware and the high contrast algorithms make the system ideal for measuring steep slopes, rough and low reflective surfaces as well as samples containing dissimilar materials.
Detailed information:


Numerical Aperture
Field of view
Max. slope
10x 0.3 1.260x946x17.300

Lateral = 1.660

Z = 5

50x 0.95 273x205x300 Lateral = 332 Z = 2 60
150x 0.95 91x68x300 Lateral = 111
Z = 1

The usual time to obtain an image is less then 1min.
With high magnification lens is possible to analyze slopes of up to 72 deg.
Repeatability below 1nm

• Microscopy imaging – real time conventional imaging
• Topography – Fast 3D acquisition
• Thickness – High precision measurements of thin films for transparent materials
• Profiles over selected areas on xy plans
• Biotechnology and living surfaces
• Material testing
• Electronic components (MEMs and Semiconductor components)

• Mineral surfaces

• Paper and fibers and other low reflective polymers

The equipment is available to both internal and external users, requiring a registration and previous on-line booking through faces system.
A fair fee may be charge depending on the nature of the project.

For information and booking contact:
Volker Bruechert +46 (0)8 16 47 55

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