Research Programs

Research in the department is based on three programs, representing research education in:
Geochemistry is the study of planetary chemical processes. The field encompasses the study of organic, inorganic chemistry and biogeochemical processes. Our challenge is quantitative definition of the processes that determine elemental distributions in minerals, rocks, ores, soils, water and atmospheres of natural systems based on the chemical and physical properties of elements and their isotopes.
The field embraces the study of planet Earth as a dynamic system through integrated applications of geological, geochemical and/or geophysical methods.

Marine Geology
The field embraces the study of the geology of the oceans, paleoclimates, climate systems and ocean history using marine and lacustrine sediment archives. Marine geophysics is an important component of the field, with a focus on mapping Earth's surface and sub-surface on ocean to lake scales together with data compilations in large data-bases. A wide range of numerical models are employed to better understand geophysical earth and fluid processes and to investigate the dynamics behind observed climate transitions.

Department of Geological Sciences
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