Purchases & Invoices


» How to buy items/instruments you need for work

Direct procurement
When the price is between 5 000–505 000 SEK you have to use already existing agreements (lokala avtal eller ramavtal) or do a direct procurement. Those agreements (ramavtal) are special for purchasing authorities e.g. departments, university etc (avropa.se) or local for Stockholm University (website SU). It is not easy to find if you do not speak Swedish, please contact Runa Jacobsson if you need help.

A direct procurement can be done by advertising (10 days) or by requesting a quote from multiple companies. You can do it by phone or e-mail. Remember to save the documents you have collected for a purchase. When the invoice is to be paid the documents will be asked for.

5 000–50 000 SEK ask for two quotes
50 000–100 000 SEK ask for three quotes
100 000–505 000 SEK advertise
Simplified procurement
For purchase >505 000 SEK you have to do a simplified procurement. Contact Runa Jacobsson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 16 47 42

Open procurement
For purchase >1 169 378 SEK you need permission from the head of administration at Stockholm University (Vice-Chancellor’s office). Contact Runa Jacobsson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 4742

» Information about Logistics (cost, risk and insurance)

The freight identifier you should use is Incoterms 2010 DAP for outside the European Union or DDP for countries inside the European Union.
For purchases from outside the European Union you need to have the right customs information.
IGV has its own credit authorization information, see below:

Tillståndets nummer: TTA007439
Tillståndets registreringsnummer: 202100-3062-08
EORI-nummer: SE2021003062

*Note! Please contact Runa Jacobsson to get the correct information before you do an import from countries outside the EU. We can request exemption from customs duties on imports due to research/teaching, but the application must be submitted well in advance (about 6 weeks before importing). Some of the items we buy are already duty free and then we do not need to apply for exemption from customs duties.

» What to write on an invoice

Two important steps for making sure that your invoice ends up at the right place and is paid on time:
1. Is the supplier/vendor in Stockholm University’s register?
If YES, the right address to write on the invoice will be:
Stockholm University
Postbox 507 41
202 70 Malmö

If NOT (or if you don’t know), the invoice must be sent to the Department instead:
Stockholm University
Department of Geological Sciences
Att: Malin Andersson
SE-106 91 Stockholm

2. The Department’s reference number (464) and your name must be on the invoice.

Here are some examples of invoices.

If you still are not sure about what to write on your invoice please contact Runa Jacobsson.

Department of Geological Sciences
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In case of emergency call (08) 16 22 16 or (08) 16 42 00