GEBCO World Map

A new 1:35,000,000 scale printed map of the World’s oceans

A project aiming to construct a printed map from the General Bathymetric Chart of the Ocean’s (GEBCO) bathymetric database was initiated in 2005. The map will comprise a modern version of GEBCO Sheet 5.00 published in 1984. The digital cartographic work to construct the new map was started at SGVL during a two week long work session in June 2005. Participating in this first work session were students from the NIPPON foundation funded GEBCO bathymetry training program at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping , University of New Hampshire, USA.

A first draft of the GEBCO World map to be printed was presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2005. The bathymetric portrayal of the map is in the form of shaded relief with overlaid depth contours derived from the GEBCO 1x1 minute bathymetric grid. This GEBCO grid was released in 2003 on the latest update of the GEBCO Digital Atlas. Land topography of the map is primarily based on USGS GTOPO30, except for some areas of the Northern Hemisphere where more recently compiled data sets have been used.  The land topography has been draped with the satellite mosaic “Blue Marble” released by NASA.  The digital cartography is primarily utilizing Intergraph’s GIS software Geomedia Professional and the visualization capabilities of the software Fledemaus from Interactive Visualization Systems (IVS) . In addition, Adobe’s layout software Illustrator is used for final layout.

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