Atmosphere-Surface Exchange: Trace Gas Biogeochemistry and Low Temperature Element Cycling

There are many gases found in our atmosphere at trace concentrations of less than 1%. In spite of their very low concentrations, trace constituents play important roles in the oxidation/reduction chemistry of the atmosphere and the radiation balance of the planet.
Changing climate has brought more attention to the role of trace gases on the energy balance of our planet. Many atmospheric trace gases can affect the climate by absorbing radiation as greenhouse gases or alter greenhouse gas concentrations indirectly. Exchange between the biosphere and the atmosphere of carbon bearing trace gases, including fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane, and non-methane hydrocarbons, can also constitute a major carbon flux in many environments.
In our ongoing research we address the knowledge gaps regarding:
–  Dynamics of production and consumption of trace gases in different environments
–  Transport processes
–  Temporal and spatial variability of fluxes
–  Regulation of the exchange related to potential consequences of global change
–  Process models to describe the exchange
Long term measurements have been and are made at several sites and we currently make measurements in tropical, temperate, boreal and sub-arctic systems.

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