Research project archive

APEX - Arctic Palaeoclimate and its Extremes
Arabian-Nubian Tectonics and Magmatism
Arctic Ocean glacial puzzle
Asian monsoon variability and its impact on terrestrial ecosystems in Thailand during the past 25,000 years
Atmosphere-Surface Exchange: Trace Gas Biogeochemistry and Low Temperature Element Cycling
Biogeochemistry of benthic microbial transformation processes – past, present, and future
CALE, Circum-Arctic Lithosphere Evolution
Can we use groundwater chemistry to monitor the earthquake cycle?
CASP, Circum-Arctic Sediment Provenance
Dissolution of olivine, a hydrogen substrate source for the subsurface biosphere?
Fennitisation surrounding the Wadi Tarr Albitite, Egypt
From atmospheric circulation to climate archives: modelling of isotopic water and carbon cycles sheds new light on paleo-proxies
GEBCO World Map
Gold distribution in the Earth’s crust
HALIP, Cretaceous magmatism of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province
How are tors formed?
How does metamorphic fluid get into rocks?
Hydrogeochemical monitoring of seismic activity
IBCAO – The International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean
IBCNA – International Bathymetric Chart of the North Atlantic
Ice dammed lakes and their climatic impact
Ice free conditions or ice cover during MIS 3 in Sweden
IODP/ACEX – Arctic Ocean Coring Expedition
JEBEL, Jordanian & Egyptian Basement EvoLution
LOMROG/APEX – Lomonosov Ridge off Greenland 2007
Metamorphic fluid flow
Oden Multibeam – A deepwater multibeam echo sounder and chirp sonar profiler installed on icebreaker Oden
Physiography, hypsometry, and volume of the Arctic Ocean and its constituent seas
Reconstruction of the coastal impact of the 2004 tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand
Si isotope-based reconstruction of silicon cycle and diatom production in the Baltic Sea; implications for eutrophication and climate change
Sources of metals and fluids in orogenic gold deposits
Talc-carbonate alteration in the Central Eastern Dessert of Egypt
Tayphoon frequency reconstructed from Taiwanese lake sediments
Tectonic evolution of southern Oman, Arabian peninsula
Tectonics and Magmatism of the Circum-Arctic
Temperature regulation of biogeochemical processes
The composition of ore-forming fluids
The Missing Terrestrial Link: Peat and the Dust Cycle
Visualisering av vraket MS Marjaana som sjönk 1969 i södra Mälaren
Volcanism of Socotra
What are the flux rates and timescales of metamorphic fluid flow?
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