PhD and Licentiate Theses 2017

National Category
Research Subject

Phosphate and Arsenic cycling under Experimental Early Proterozoic Marine conditions
Licentiate thesis

Christoffer Hemmingsson


Microbially mediated formation of birnessite-type manganese oxides and subsequent incorporation of rare earth elements, Ytterby mine, Sweden
Licentiate thesis

Susanne Sjöberg

Geochemistry Geochemistry

Crustal evolution of the Arabian–Nubian Shield: Insights from zircon geochronology and Nd–Hf–O isotopes
Doctoral thesis

Fitsum Girum Yeshanew

Earth and Related Environmental Sciences Geology

Fluid-induced alteration of metasedimentary rocks in the Scottish Highlands
Doctoral thesis

Alexander Lewerentz

Geology Geology

Chemical controls on ikaite formation
Licentiate thesis

Elin Tollefsen


231Pa and Th-isotopes as tracers of deep water ventilation and scavenging in the Mediterranean Sea
Licentiate thesis

Sandra Gdaniec

Marine Geology  

The mobility of natural uranium at Forsmark, Sweden, through geologic time
Doctoral thesis

Lindsay Krall

Geology Geology
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