PhD and Licentiate Theses 2014

National Category
Research Subject

Asian monsoon over mainland Southeast Asia in the past 25 000 years
Doctoral thesis

Chabangborn, Akkaneewut

Climate Research Marine Geoscience

Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic changes in northeast Thailand during the Holocene
Doctoral thesis

Chawchai, Sakonvan

Earth and Related Environmental Sciences Marine Geology 

The role of Southern Ocean fronts in the global climate system
Doctoral thesis

Graham, Robert M.

Climate Research Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources Geosciences, Multidisciplinary

Marine Geology

New Zircon geochronological and Nd isotopic evidence for Neoproterozoic crust reworking events in the Abas terrane, Yemen
Licentiate thesis

Yeshanew, Fitsum Girum

Natural Sciences Geology
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