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Swärd, Henrik
PhD student
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Supervisor: Matt O’Regan
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Deglaciation of continents often exhibits a complex interaction between isostatic rebound and excess of meltwater from the retreating ice sheets. As the Scandinavian Ice Sheet retreated from southern Sweden the Baltic Sea underwent several lake stages with intervening brackish stages indicating periods of water exchange with the North Atlantic. This development has been partially captured in the pore water chlorinity from a 74 m sediment core recovered in Lake Vättern, once constituting the westernmost part of the Baltic basin.  

The final drainage of the Baltic Ice Lake (BIL) is a well described event in Swedish deglaciation history right at the Younger Dryas/Preboreal transition. My licentiate thesis presents pore water chlorinity data from the 74 m sediment core that reveals marine water incursions into Lake Vättern before the final drainage of the BIL. This indicates a more successive drainage scenario during Late Pleistocene and calls for further studies of the regional deglaciation pattern.   

My PhD project includes the construction of a sedimentation-compaction-diffusion model that will be developed and run to match the current chlorinity profile using different drainage scenarios for the Baltic Ice Lake, with the aim to find the best match of the palaeosalinity and duration of incursion, to the current chlorinity profile. The final model will not only help us to constrain the timing and sequence of events related to the catastrophic drainage of the BIL, but also deliver a more general model that can be applied to other geological processes.

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