GFF Best Article Prize 2016

Best Article Prizes of the year 2016 were awarded to three scientists and Henrik Swärd was one of them. Congratulations!

Henrik Swärd of Stockholm University was awarded for the best paper by a PhD student for the paper “Regional deglaciation and postglacial lake development as reflected in a 74 m sedimentary record from Lake Vättern, southern Sweden”.

“…Few papers in the last decade have been more important than that by Swärd et al. (2016) to explain a riddle concerning the development of the Baltic ice lake during the end of the last ice age. Based on a detailed sedimentological and geochemical analysis of a new drill core from lake Vättern, Swärd et al. (2016) provide strong support to the hypothesis that the Baltic ice lake had an early drainage during the Alleröd.” – Christian Skovsted (Editor, GFF).

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