2017 Dyrssen award to Gabriel West

Congratulations to Gabriel West and to his supervisor Matt O'Regan for the best Marine Master thesis of 2017!

For information about the Dyrssen award please visit www.shf.se

Dyrssen award winners 2017

Winner of the best marine Master thesis (15,000 SEK): Gabriel West, Stockholm University, with his thesis “An independently dated 4 200-year palaeomagnetic secular variation record from the Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean”.

In addition, an honorable mention will be given to Ellika Faust, University of Gothenburg, for her Master thesis “Genetic homogeneity in a marine rocky shore fish” which came on a very close second place.

Winner of the best marine Bachelor thesis (5,000 SEK): Carl Tamario, Linnaeus University in Kalmar, with his thesis “Variation in embryonic salinity tolerance in two anadromous subpopulations of northern Pike Esox lucius L.”

This year’s Dyrssen awardees, and also last year’s (Kristina von Schreeb and Ellika Faust), will present their work at the conference.


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