September 22 – Brøgger Seminar Series "Neoproterozoic Lithosphere of the Arabian-Nubian Shield"

Brøgger Seminar Series
Neoproterozoic Lithosphere of the Arabian-Nubian Shield

When? 22 September, 15h00
Where? Ahlmannsalen, Geovetenskapens hus
by Prof. Bob Stern, Texas University, Dallas, USA


Neoproterozoic crust is beautifully exposed in the Eastern Desert (ED) of Egypt as an unbroken rift-flank uplift extending ~800 km between the Nile and the Red Sea, from near Cairo to the Sudan border.  The crust of this region is a sample of the much larger tract of Neoproterozoic crust of the Arabian-Nubian Shield. Different but related Neoproterozoic rocks are exposed in the northern, central and south Eastern Desert (NED, CED, and SED). Significant advances were made as a result of Prof. Vicky Pease’s JEBEL research program, but there is much more work that needs to be done if we are to understand the crust of this region. Come spend an hour and learn more about what we do and don’t know!

Bob Stern, Guest Seminar at the Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University

Bob Stern is interested in the geology of the Arabian-Nubian Shield, Iran, and the Western Pacific. He also studies how new subduction zones form and when and how plate tectonics began on Earth. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Geology Review.

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