The search for Ikaite

Electra was at Sundsvall searching for the low temperature carbonate mineral – ikaite. No ikaite was found, but unusual depressions were found perhaps associated with the carbonatite – syenite complex on Alnö. This will be investigated further.

The first part of the mini-expedition with Electra by Jayne Rattray:
“We are happy to report back from a successful first IGV cruise on R/V Elektra (EL17-IGV01) covering a transect between Stockholm and Sundsvall. The cruise was arranged by Christof Pearce, Jayne Rattray, Nolwenn Callac and Aron Varhelyi and aimed at discovering novel diatom sea ice biomarkers in the Baltic Sea. Over two days we took 10 gemini cores to study surface sediments and 11 seawater filters using the ships sea water intake system to characterise diatom biomarkers in the surface water.”

The second part of the mini-expedition with Electra by Martin Jakobsson:
“IGV has now completed two field surveys with RV Electra. The first (EL17-IGV01) is reported by the participants Christoph Pearce and Jayne Rattray. The second (EL17-IGV02) searched for the mineral ikaite outside of the island Alnö, east of Sundsvall. While ikaite not was found during the field work, a comprehensive survey program was completed showing an exciting seafloor geology giving rise to new research questions the team will follow up. The program consisted of multibeam mapping, subbottom profiling, piston coring, exploration of the seafloor using a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), water column acoustic mapping and CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) profiling. The team consisted
of Alasdair Skelton, Gabriella Stockmann, Björn Eriksson, Draupnir Einarsson, Martin Jakobsson and Paul Seaman.”

Read more about this expedition and other projects with Electra at Östersjöncentrum website

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