SU Library has recently acquired two new digital tools

SU Library has recently acquired two new digital tools, Grow Kudos and Altmetrics EFI, under a test period of one year.

Grow Kudos increases the ability to make your publications more accessible both within and outside your area. With the tool, you can also see the effect you create with the communication of your research.

Altmetrics EFI provides deeper insights on where, when and how much the research from Stockholm University is discussed, for exemple: in social medias.

Grow Kudos is primarily an aid to researchers and Altmetrics For Institutions is useful for both researchers and communicators at Stockholm University.

Attend a webinar: introduction to Grow Kudos, Friday, April 7 at 11h00
Book the date in your calendar, save this link and download the program


Link to SU news:

Link to: ”What is Kudos? A brief introduction”

Link to: ”Introducing Altmetric for Institutions"

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