May 2 – Lecture by Press Officer Elsa Adrielsson Helin
Available Position
The search for Ikaite
SWERUS-C3 article published in Climate of the Past
April 6 – Öppen föreläsning: Galápagos fantastiska djurliv
Mars 31 – Geopub gästföreläsning
May 15–18 Bolincentrets klimatfestival
New article in Nature Chemistry by Skelton and Thornton
SU Library has recently acquired two new digital tools
March 24 – Bolin Seminar Series | RA3 "Achilles heel" of carbon capture and storage
March 22 – CAREERS SEMINAR: How to get a relevant job with a science degree
Mars 15 – Öppet hus i Geovetenskapens hus
Mars 16 – Öppen föreläsning: Galápagos geologi
March 10 – Geopub presents: "People who likes to camp"
March 9 – Seminar "Fossil amphibians and reptiles as a proxy for reconstruction of Cenozoic climate evolution"
April 3 – Brøgger Seminar Series "The Internet-Connected Ocean"
March 8 – Seminar "Temporal evolution of mechanisms controlling ocean carbon uptake during the last glacial cycle"
February 17 – Geopub presents: "People who likes to camp"
March 9 – Geologklubbens annual meeting
Exchange studies to Singapore University school year 2017/18
1irst paper reported to IGV Webb Publication List for 2017 is...
MAX IV workshop in Uppsala | March 8-10
February 1–3 workshop on the Eocene-Oligocene climate change transition
Article | "Challenges in adding up the sources of methane" – Trace Gas Biogeochemistry group
January 27 – Geopub presents Burns' night
Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien (KVA) kommenterar klimatdebatten
January 26 – EES: Round table discussion
January 27 – Seminar "eTimeTrek"
February 8 – Careers Day for Science and Mathematical Students 2017
New and rarely reported calcareous nannofossils from the Late Cretaceous of coastal Tanzania named after Helen Coxall
Vetenskapsradio – Det tog längre tid än väntat för dinosaurier att kläckas, enligt nya rön som kan lära oss mer om dinosauriernas liv och död
January 10 | Dissertation by Lindsay Krall
January 9 | Seminar: “Illuminating Isotopes – Applications in the Environmental & Forensic Sciences
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