May 31 | Dissertation by Natialia Barrientos
June 4 | Dissertation by Alexandre Peillod
May 8 | Bolin Centre Seminar Series
New Article in Scientific Reports | Mineral dust as a driver of carbon accumulation in northern latitudes
June 2018 | ICAM VIII, Conference on Arctic Margins VIII
New study published in Nature Communications
April 27 | MSc presentation by Lise Johnsson
April 27 | Seminar by Professor Bill Martin
In Swedish | Wallenberg Academy Fellow Sarah Greenwood "Söker svar om framtiden i forna inlandsisar"
The Geo Library integrates with the Frescati Library
April 27 | Geologklubbens GeoPub
April 24 | Seminar: Iron geochemistry and impacts on phosphorus cycling in arctic and boreal soils
April 27 | Dissertation by Henrik Swärd
New Article in Geomicrobiology Journal | by Sjöberg et al.
The Stockholm Geologists Foundation announces scholarship
March 23 | Geologklubbens Movie Night
Breakfast Seminar | MAX IV and ESS
March 19 | Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Jenny Sjöström
March 8–9 | Congress about a healthy and sustainable Baltic Sea
March 9 | Geologklubbens GeoPub
Worlds largest survey company supports mapping the World oceans
New Article in Nature Geoscience | by Helen Coxall et al.
In Swedish | Seabed 2030: Världens havsbottnar ska kartläggas
March 2 | Movie night with Geoklubben
In Swedish | Torv från Jönköpings län visar hur klimatet var förr
New Article in GeoScienceWorld | by Reuben Hansman et al.
In Swedish | Mars 14 – Öppet hus på Geovetenskapens hus
February 14 | Careers Day
SVT Nyheter | Intervju med Anna Neubeck
February 8 | Geologklubbens årsmöte
February 6 | Brøgger Seminar Series
Quaternary Research | New article by Malin Kylander et al.
Anna-Greta and Holger Crafoord´s Fund
Study in Singapore 2017/18
Two legendary climate researchers receive this year’s Crafoord Prize
January 26 | BURNS' NIGHT
Conclusion of 5-year project summarized by 18 articles in one publication!
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