• 34 million year old microscopic planktonic foraminifera fossils from Java, Indonesia. Photo by Helen Coxall
  • Coring operation on the aft deck of icebreaker Oden. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Deformed limestone, Taimyr expedition. Photo by Vicky Pease
  • Folding on Crete. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Iceland. Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Iceland.Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Oden's bridge, SWERUS expedition. Photo by Björn Eriksson
  • Oman. Photo by Alexandre Peillod
  • Punta di Maiata, Italy. Photo by Jan Backman
  • Siccar Point in Scotland. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden, Lomrog expedition. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden outside Svalbard. Photo by Martin Jakobsson

The Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University is in the process of forming a new jointed “Student Chapter” of the Society of Economic Geology (Click here for more info on the SEG) and we would like to invite any students (Bsc, Msc & PhD) registered for geology courses at Stockholm University or in Sweden and with particular interest in Ore Geology to join.
The benefits of the membership include the following:
• A student chapter member has the opportunity to participate in Student Chapter activities, including field trips, seminars and other activities organized by the student chapter, typically with financial assistance provided by SEG. Commonly these events are attended by professional economic geologists from industry, government and other academic institutions.
• Through its activities, the Student Chapter provides direct access to the economic geology community at large for its members who as individuals might not otherwise have such opportunities.
• Student Chapter members may develop leadership and management skills through participation in Chapter activities.
• Online access to the journal, Economic Geology, published eight times a year, is provided to all SEG Students Members, as a benefit of membership. The journal is recognized as the foremost publication of its kind in the world.
• The SEG Newsletter is published quarterly for the entire SEG membership. The Newsletter presents features of current interest to economic geologists, contains news of Society affairs around the world, and announces upcoming events.
• All SEG members may purchase SEG publications at discounted prices. Members pay reduced registration fees at SEG meetings, including those held in conjunction with other organizations. Registration fees for Student Members are generally lower than those for members, and significantly lower than those for non-members.
• Student Members have all the benefits of SEG membership, but do not vote on matters affecting the SEG Constitution, and may not hold elective office or sponsor candidates for membership. Student Members may serve on SEG Committees on the same basis as SEG Members or Fellows.

To join the SEG Student Chapter interested students can fill-in the Student Chapter Membership Information Form and return it to the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have questions about how to fill the form please don’t hesitate to contact us on the aforementioned email addresses.
Interested students can also check the SEG website for more information.


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