• 34 million year old microscopic planktonic foraminifera fossils from Java, Indonesia. Photo by Helen Coxall
  • Coring operation on the aft deck of icebreaker Oden. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Deformed limestone, Taimyr expedition. Photo by Vicky Pease
  • Folding on Crete. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Iceland. Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Iceland.Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Oden's bridge, SWERUS expedition. Photo by Björn Eriksson
  • Oman. Photo by Alexandre Peillod
  • Punta di Maiata, Italy. Photo by Jan Backman
  • Siccar Point in Scotland. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden, Lomrog expedition. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden outside Svalbard. Photo by Martin Jakobsson

May 21 – Time for this semester's last geopub!

Thursday at 5pm.

As usual there will be a varied selection of music, drinks and a vegetarian soup. Discosaurus Rex will of course participate!

There will also be representatives from Geografier, a newly established natural and cultural geographic magazine. For more info about this se ethe text below!

It is also an event in geohuset for geography-alumni that will join to the pub during the evening.

Info from Geografier
May 21, Geografier will release its first issue and we should celebrate!
The issue will be for sale at the geopub for a special premieres price!
Geografier is a natural and cultural geographic magazine that gathers texts and illustrations from unestablished writers, students, and illustrators. Each issue revolves around a given theme and first out is the theme maps. You will, inter alia, be able to read about what happened when Sarek was mapped, a comparison of the territory's role in the Crimean crisis and ISIS, of the satellites' black spots, the collision between the welfare state and Romanian EU-migration opportunities for Bromma airport, the role of the neoliberalism in making national park of South American Patagonia, and much more! Do not miss i!

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