• 34 million year old microscopic planktonic foraminifera fossils from Java, Indonesia. Photo by Helen Coxall
  • Coring operation on the aft deck of icebreaker Oden. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Deformed limestone, Taimyr expedition. Photo by Vicky Pease
  • Folding on Crete. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Iceland. Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Iceland.Photo by Elisabeth Däcker
  • Oden's bridge, SWERUS expedition. Photo by Björn Eriksson
  • Oman. Photo by Alexandre Peillod
  • Punta di Maiata, Italy. Photo by Jan Backman
  • Siccar Point in Scotland. Photo by Alasdair Skelton
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden, Lomrog expedition. Photo by Martin Jakobsson
  • Swedish Icebreaker Oden outside Svalbard. Photo by Martin Jakobsson


Geofacets trial

Starting Monday 27 of April we have a free trial of the resource Goefacets. The trial runs for 45 days.

Geofacets demonstration

Tuesday 28 of April, in connection with the trial, Jason de Boer (Solution Sales Manager - Engineering & Geosciences at Elsevier) will do a demonstration of Geofacets. The demonstration will take place at the Geoscience building, room U10 between 10–11. Everyone who is interested is welcome to join (no registration needed).

What is Geofacets?

Geofacets is a web-based application for geoscientists that combines advanced search capabilities on a map-based interface with trusted scientific maps from peer-reviewed literature, including downloadable georeferenced maps that can be integrated into GIS software and presentations.

Essential geologic knowledge
Over 400 000 geologic maps and associated articles from essential geologic journals that help geoscientists build their knowledge of the geologic conditions of a strategic area.

Easy discovery of maps and other spatial data
Geoscience domain-based searches for region-based and subject-based discovery, along with metadata-enhanced maps for simple search re nements.

Seamless workflow integration
Ability to download and integrate maps, most of which are georeferenced, into essential work  ow tools like Petrel*, ArcGIS™, and more.

For questions and more information please contact media[at]sub.su.se

Download information (pdf file)

Download User Guide (pdf file)

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