News 2015

New article "Structural Channelling of Metamorphic Fluids on Islay, Scotland: Implications for Paleoclimatic Reconstruction" by Alasdair Skelton et al.
IGV and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at AGU 2015
December 18 – Christmas Geopub
Seminar by Prof. Andrew H. Knoll at the Swedish Museum of Natural History
New article: "Variations in glacial and interglacial marine conditions over the last two glacial cycles off northern Greenland"
New article "Arsenic stress after the Proterozoic glaciations" by Ernest Chi Fru et al.
New article in Nature Climate Change: "Making methane visible"
ARCUSPetermann-2015 Expedition Launches International Collaboration in Arctic Science
December 2 – Careers Day for Science Students in Aula Magna
Video with IGV's Helen Coxall and IODP Exp. 342 palaeoclimate researchers
Student exchange opportunities with the Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
New article in Nature Communications: "Fennoscandian freshwater control on Greenland hydroclimate shifts at the onset of the Younger Dryas" by Francesco Muschitiello et al.
December 8 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Fiona Thiessen
December 8 – Baltic Seminar & Baltic Bar
November 25 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Linda Ericsson
Congratulations to Alasdair Skelton for FORMAS funds for “tredje uppgiften”
Bolin Days 2015
New article in Paleoceanography by Daniele Reghellin et al.
IGV's Adjunct Professor Martin Whitehouse has been promoted
Surveys with R/V Skidbladner during Petermann 2015 Expedition. See the video!
Blog: Read about Barbara Wohlfarth's sabbatical in Singapore
October 29 – Brøgger seminar by Dr. Catriona Menzies
Nyheter EKOT | Lyckad polarexpedition avslutad (in Swedish)
October 23 – Birth of the Earth – Geoklubben
October 15 – Brøgger seminar by Professor Emeritus John Dewey
Petermann Glacier 2015 | Skidbladner, the boat that always sails downwind no matter the wind direction
Bachelor Thesis presentation by Diana Carlsson
The Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University is in the process of forming a new jointed “Student Chapter” of the Society of Economic Geology
September 25 – Talk by Dr. Jo Hellawell, editor of nature communications
Paper in the October issue of Geology "Seafloor cratering and sediment remolding at sites of fluid escape"
October 3 – Excursion to Väddö Island
Återträff med berättelser från arbestslivet! (in Swedish)
September 16 – PhD defense by Xiaojing Zhang
Vetenskapsradio | "Antarktis krympande istäcke" (in Swedish)
September 11 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Alexander Lewerentz
Seminar: Extreme weather events as proxies for climate change: carbon and metals in rivers and lakes of Siberia and European boreal zone | October 20th
Article in Quaternary Science Reviews: "Arctic climate response to the termination of the African Humid Period"
Petermann Glacier 2015 | Mapping the environment underneath an ice shelf
Petermann Glacier 2015 | Breaking into Petermann Glacier
Nature | "Erosion of organic carbon in the Arctic as a geological carbon dioxide sink" co-authors Matt O'Regan and Helen Coxall
Petermann Glacier 2015 | Breaking through the sea-ice bottle neck of Nares Strait
Petermann Glacier 2015 | From Kangerlussuaq to Thule
Vetenskapsradio | "På väg för att avslöja isarnas hemlighet" (in Swedish)
Expedition to Petermann Glacier 2015 | Follow the live map and the blog
New article in Nature climate change: "Arctic permafrost: Microbial lid on subsea methane" by Brett Thornton and Patrick Crill
A New Digital Bathymetric Model of the World's Oceans
June 15 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Tommy Andersson
Leonard Barrie's article in Scientific Reports
June 18 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Camilla Bredberg
IGV at Stockholm Marathon
Geofacets: Webinar for demonstration of resource, Monday June 1 at 10.30
Thornton's article "Homely holmium" in Nature Chemistry
Fieldwork blog from southern Africa
SVT1 – Ice shelf on its way to disintegrate
Science Seminar | Professor Ulrike Lohmann: Measurements and simulations of orographic mixed-phase clouds in Switzerland
Bolin Climate Lecture | Professor Ulrike Lohmann: Uncertainties in climate projections related to clouds and aerosols
Symposium on the Social Cost of Carbon, 25–27 May
May 21 – Time for this semester's last geopub!
Geologiska Föreningen announces that the winners of the 2015 Hiärne Prize
May 18 – Brøgger seminar by Paul N. Pearson
May 22 – Brøgger and Bolin symposium
Geological and marine sciences at Stockholm University ranks among the top 100 by QS World University Rankings by Subject
May 11 – PhD defense by Engy Ahmed
April 30 – Licentiate Thesis Presentation by Linda Löwhagen
Geofacets: trial and demonstration of resource
April 28 – Guest Seminar – Nils Risgaard-Petersen
April 29 – Academic dissertation by Stefano Bonaglia
April 28 – Academic dissertation by Barbara Kleine
Blog: Western Ross Sea – NBP15–02, 2015
Brett Thornton på P1 – SR (Swedish)
April 16 – Brøgger seminar series – Stephanos Kilias
April 1 – Guest Lecture – Brian Upton
April 15 – BG/ATM Seminar by Patrick Crill
March 20 – Presentation by Erik Sturkell
Blog: Western Ross Sea – NBP15–02, 2015
Ministerbesök på IGV (Swedish)
Annonskampanj om geovetenskap (Swedish)
Blog: Western Ross Sea – NBP15–02, 2015
Nyfiken på geovetenskap? Se vår nya film! (Swedish)
Open House for Scientists and Mathematicians
Information om arbetsmarknaden! (Swedish)
Blog: Western Ross Sea – NBP15–02, 2015
February 20 – Licentiate Presentation
Blog: Western Ross Sea – NBP15–02, 2015
Professor Alasdair Skelton på STV (Swedish)
January 12 – Licentiate Defense
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