Bachelor of science program in Geology 180 credits

The on-site Geology program begins (Year 1) with a broad introduction to geology (Dynamic Earth, Solid Earth and its Materials, Earth History), and includes field studies in Sweden and Scotland. Geology is strongly intertwined with other basic sciences. Year 1 therefore continues with studies in Mathematics for natural scientists and Chemistry for geoscientists. Courses during Years 2 and 3 are arranged thematically into four areas: Geophysics and geochemistry, Geology, Geochemistry, and Marine geology. Year 3 ends with individual project work (15–30 credits).

General and specific admission requirements
Physics B, Chemistry B and Mathematics D or Physics 2, Chemistry 2 and Mathematics 4 (Field specific entry 13 or A13 with exception for Biology A+B or Biology 1+2).

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Year Term Period Theme Courses
1 Fall P1 Introduction Geology 30 credits
Earth's dynamics, materials & history
Spring P5 Mathematics and Chemistry Mathematics for natural scientists 15 credits (at the Dept. of Mathematics) Chemistry for geoscientists
15 credits (at the Chemistry Section)
2 Fall P1 Geophysics & Geochemistry Marine Geophysical Mapping methods 7.5 credits
P2 Geochemical field methods 7.5 credits
P3 Digital processing of geoscientific
data 7.5 credits
P4 Global geochemical cycles 7.5 credits
Spring P5 Geology Mineralogy and petrology 15 credits
P7 Sediments and sedimentary rocks 7.5 credits Geochemistry I 15 credits
P8 Structural geology 7.5 credits
3 Fall P1 Geochemistry *Environmental geochemistry 15 credits
P3 Marine Geology *Paleoceanography and
paleoclimatology I 15 credits
Spring P5 Geology *Petrogenesis and tectonics 15 credits
P7 – Individual project work in Geochemistry 15/30 credits
– Individual project work in Geology 15/30 credits
– Individual project work in Marine geology 15/30 credits
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Options during Year 3 of the Bachelor of Science program in Geology. Year 3 of the Geology program ends with an individual project work encompassing 15 or 30 credits. The department offers three courses during Year 3, prior to the individual project work. It is recommended that students follow the program plan in order to get the broadest possible undergraduate education in Geology. The recommendation is thus to study two of the courses if choosing a 30 credit project work, and all three courses if choosing a 15 credit project work. Specific admission requirements apply for each of the three courses given during Year 3 (see syllabus for each course). However, other course options exist. To find out more about these other options, please contact Student Counsellor Elisabeth Däcker – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Otto Hermelin – otto.hermelin[at]
Department of Geological Sciences
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