Undergraduate, IT-distance – 7.5 credits, Course code GG2013
Start Spring term period 2
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The course is an introduction to geochemistry where chemistry is used to understand and explain geological processes. It can be seen as ‘chemistry for geologists’. The course covers chemical fundamentals, basic concepts of thermodynamics, acid-base equilibrium, redox processes, and introduction to isotopic geochemistry. The focus will be on Earth-Surface low-temperature processes.


Course Director
Christophe Dupraz, Department of Geological SciencesChristophe Dupraz
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Physics/Physics 2, Chemistry B/2 Chemistry and Mathematics D/Mathematics 4.


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Course literature

Geochemistry, An introduction
(second edition) by Francis Albarede (Cambridge University Press)


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