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Geology has been studied at Stockholm University since 1881, when the Norwegian geologist W. C. Brögger was appointed as professor at Stockholms högskola (Stockholm University since 1960). The first professor to be appointed at the university was in mathematics (1878). Brögger’s appointment followed shortly thereafter. Since then, research and teaching in the geological disciplines has become a vibrant and successful part of Stockholm’s academic profile. Our existing strengths in research and teaching bring classical geology together with geochemistry and marine geology/geophysics.

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Siccar Point in Scotland, where James Hutton found an angular unconformity in 1788. At this classic locality, 345 million year old Devonian red sandstone lies on top of 425 year old Silurian rock. He regarded this as evidence for a uniformitarian theory of geological development (the present is the key to the past).

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