Ore geology

Master degree – 7.5 credits, Course code GG8117
Start Fall term period 2
Language: English

The course focuses on the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits. After an introduction to ore deposits and the transport of metals in hydrothermal fluids, the lectures will cover 3 main topics; 1) magmatic hydrothermal ore deposits associated with convergent margins, 2) hydrothermal ore deposits associated with orogenesis and metamorphism, and 3) seafloor hydrothermal deposits associated with divergent margins. The third topic will be covered mainly during the fieldtrip to Cyprus. Lectures will be combined with lab classes that focus on identification of ore and alteration minerals.

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Course Director
Iain PitcairnIain Pitcairn
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 981 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 60 credits in Geology or Geoscience, where the course Petrogenesis and tectonics (GG5112) alternatively the course Tectonics (GG4147) and Petrogenesis (GG4148) or equivalent must be included. English B/English 6 or equivalent.


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Course description

A detailed course description for HT15.

Course literature

consists of current scientific articles and the book:
Introduction to ore forming processes
Robb, L., Blackwell Publishing 2005
ISBN: 0632063785, 9780632063789


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