Master degree courses

The Department of Geological Sciences offers a Master degree that comprises two years of study at the Master level. The initial block of three preparatory courses focus on scientific methodology, statistics, and analytical methodology. These courses include a total of 22.5 hp. The preparatory courses are complemented by three 7.5 hp courses in petrotectonics, biogeochemistry, and paleoclimate. The first year concludes with two courses: (i) current research and planning of a research project; this course is designed to prepare for the M.Sc.; and (ii) a field course in geological sciences. We also offer the distance course (15 hp) Climate Change Through Earth's History. The individual thesis project can vary between 30, 45, and 60 hp, therefore the number of optional courses offered by the Department may vary between 60 and 90 hp.

A total of 15 hp can be obtained through reading courses given by other programmes, by other departments at Stockholm University, by other universities in Sweden or abroad. Please contact us for more information and for advice on the choice of courses in Sweden and abroad. We are happy to help you find the most appropriate courses at other institutions or universities. Optional courses are chosen together with the study director of the Master programme or the program leaders.

General and specific admission requirements
Knowledge equivalent to a bachelor degree, with at least 90 credits in Geology or Earth Sciences including. Some of the following courses must be included: Marine Geoscience II 15 credrits (GG5013), Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology I 15 credits (GG5113), Geochemistry II 15 credits (GG5011), Environmental geochemistry 15 credits (GG5121), Geology II 15 credits (GG5012), Petrogenesis and tectonics 15 credits (GG5127). English B/English 6 or equivalent.

Year Term Courses
1 Fall *The Geoscientific method
7.5 credits
Climate change throughout
Earth's history 15 credits, distance
*Statistical analysis of geological
data 7.5 credits
Isotope geology 7.5 credits
Ore geology 7.5 credits 
Geodynamics 7.5 credits (taught every other year, next given in 2018)
Spring Biogeochemistry 7.5 credits
Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology II
7.5 credits
*Current research and
project planning in
geological sciences 7.5 credits
*Field study in the geological
sciences 7.5 credits
2 Fall/Spring

Degree project in Geochemistry 30, 45, 60 credits

Degree project in Geology 30, 45, 60 credits

Degree project in Marine geology 30, 45, 60 credits

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*Required courses
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