Exchange studies

Studying abroad provides an opportunity to learn new things, develop international experience and language skills, and also opens doors to other cultures and new contacts. Studying abroad is a valuable experience that provides knowledge, memories and friends for life. 

Students from Stockholm University
As a student already at Stockholm University, you can spend part of your education at a foreign university. You can study at one of the Universities for which we have an existing exchange agreement, or you can select your own university. If you are thinking about studying abroad, there are different ways to go about it and you want to be sure you will get course credit, so contact the exchange coordinator early in your planning. 

More information is available from the international office 


Students visiting Stockholm University
As a student from outside Sweden, you can spend part of your education at Stockholm University. We need to ensure that there is a study agreement between SU and your domestic university and you will want to know about what courses will be available during your time in Stockholm. Be sure to contact the exchange coordinator early in your planning.

More information about the application procedure 

Contact persons:    

Rienk Smittenberg
University lecturer

Tel: +46 (0)8 16 47 60
Room: R305

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