Doctorate degree

The Department of Geological Sciences has three research education programs. This education ends with a degree as Licentiate of Philosophy and/or Doctor of Philosophy in one of the three following programs:

Geochemistry (PDF file in Swedish)
Geology (PDF file in Swedish)
Marine Geology (PDF file in Swedish)

Professors in charge of the three research education programs are:
Martin Jakobsson – telephone: +46 (0)8 16 47 19, e-mail: martin.jakobsson[at]
Patrick Crill – telephone: +46 (0)8 16 47 40, e-maill: patrick.crill[at]
Alasdair Skelton – telephone: +46 (0)8 16 47 50, e-maill: alasdair.skelton[at]

Please do not hesitate to contact other researchers at the department. Brief presentations of Academic Faculty and PhD students activities  can be viewed at:

Questions about applications etc., should be directed to the Director of Studies:
Dr. Eve Arnold
phone +46 (0)8 674 75 98,
e-mail: eve.arnold[at]

Download PhD handbook (opens in new window)

Admission to the PhD program is only possible by applying to an announced PhD position. Carefully follow the instructions for making your application as indicated in the announcement, and submit your documents before the deadline.

The deadlines for applications for PhD positions at the Department of Geological Sciences for 2015 are:

January 15 and September 15: Available positions are announced
February 15 and October 15: Deadline for applications

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