Global geochemical cycles

Undergraduate 2nd year – 7.5 credits, Course code GG4209
Start Fall term period 2
Language: English

The course provides knowledge on global geochemical cycles, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and Earth’s interior. It also gives an introduction to the evolution of Earth’s chemistry and provides an overview of geochemical processes, fluxes and feedbacks. Focus will be placed on the interaction between Earth’s different components to explain how global geochemical cycles interact and regulate the composition of the atmosphere and the oceans. The course also discusses the impact of humans on global cycles.

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Course Director
Patric CrillPatrick Crill
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 60 credits in Geology or Geoscience, where Geology 30 credits (GG2006) or equivalent must be included. Alternatively Geology 30 credits (GG2006), Mathematics for Geoscience 15 credits (MM1007) and Chemistry for Geoscientists 15 credits (KZ2003) or equivalen.


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Available only in Swedish.


Course literature

Schlesinger, W. H., Bernhardt, E. S., 2013
Biogeochemistry: An Analysis of Global Change, 3rd ed
Elsevier Science & Technology
ISBN: 9780123858740


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