Paleoclimatology and the ocean system

Undergraduate, IT-distance – 7.5 credits, Course code GG5124
Start Fall/Spring term period 1
Language: English

This course is concerned with how past climate and ocean conditions are reconstructed from marine geological archives. It addresses ocean circulation and its role in climate, marine sediments and proxies for past ocean and climate signals, and the tools for extracting these signals. We study major Cenozoic to recent shifts in Earth's climate.


Course Director
Sarah Greenwood
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 981 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 90 credits in Geology or Geoscience, where the courses Tellus I 30 credits (GG2003), Tellus II 22,5 credits (GG4033) and Sediment Petrology 7,5 credits (GG4014/GG4144) or Sediment and Sedimentary Rocks 7,5 credits (GG4020/GG4120) must be included.


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Course literature

K. St John, R.M. Leckie, K. Pound, M. Jones, L. Krissek, 2012.
Reconstructing Earth's Climate History: inquiry-based exercises for lab and class
ISBN 9780470658085 (hardback)
ISBN 9781118232941 (paper)
ISBN 9781119959892 (E-book)
– required course book, available as SU library e-book

W.F. Ruddiman, 2013
Earth's Climate: Past and Future
W.H. Freeman, 3rd ed.
ISBN 9781429255257
– recommended


 is based on a written/oral assessment at the end of the course. Assessment criteria are:

A = Excellent
B = Very good
C = Good
D = Satisfactory
E = Sufficient
Fx = Insufficient
F = Entirely insufficient

The assessment criteria will be outlined at the start of the course. To pass the course, a minimum grade E is necessary.
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