Ore Forming Processes

IT-distance – 7.5 credits , course code GG5119
Start Fall term 2016
Language: English

This course will investigate the processes through which ore deposits form, focusing specifically on the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits. After an introduction to ore deposits and the transport of metals in hydrothermal fluids, the course focuses on different hydrothermal ore-forming systems including those associated with magmatism, metamorphism and sedimentary processes. The course will have a theoretical moment and a practical moment that involves lab or field study.

This course will be given in the fall 2016


Course Director

Iain Pitcairn, Department of Geological SciencesIain Pitcairn
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 15 credits in Geology, 5 credis in Minerology, 5 credits in Igneous petrology, 5 credits in Metamorphic petrology, 7.5 credits in Sedimentology and 7.5 credits in Structural geology.


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The course will be given in the fall 2016.

Course literature

Robb, L., 2004
Introduction to ore forming processes
ISBN10: 0632063785
ISBN13: 9780632063789



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