Field Study in Geoscience

Undergraduate 2nd year – 7.5 credits, Course code GG5017
Start Spring term period 1
Language: Swedish and English

This field-based course aims to cover field techniques used in the geosciences, e.g. field mapping, profiling, logging, sampling as well as data collection and processing


Course Director
Alasdair Skelton, Geological Sciences, Photo: Eva DalinAlasdair Skelton
Department of Geological Sciences

Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm


Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to Tellus I (GG2003), Tellus II (GG2005/GG2006/GG4033) and Tellus III (GG4034).


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Course literature

consists of scientific articles.

Geology of Islay
Webster, Anderton and Skelton
ISBN: 978-1-901514-16-2


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